IRTIC founding members are public-and private-sector leading persons who are well-known in France and abroad: Mr Martin BOUYGUES, Prof Franck ZINZINDOHOUE, Prof Hervé FRIDMAN and Mr André VERDEILLE. The founders’ credentials, high qualities and current responsibilities guarantee the seriousness of IRTIC mission.

IRTIC was launched in 2010 with a governing structure that includes four committees: Board of Directors, Scientific Committee, Knowledge Valorisation and Industrial Partnership Committee and Ethics Committee.

  • Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the funds and set up contacts with potential sponsors and industrial partners.
The Board of Directors is composed of four members: Prof Franck ZINZINDOUHE (president), Mr André VERDEILLE, Mr Michel DERBESSE and Ms Elena CERNEA.

  • Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee defines the strategy and orientations of the research programmes and validates the composition of the research groups.
The Scientific Committee is headed by Prof Charles-André CUENOD.
The Scientific Committee includes twelve members (clinicians, non-clinical doctors and non-medical members).

  • Knowledge Valorisation and Industrial Partnership Committee

The Knowledge Valorisation and Industrial Partnership Committee will be in charge of coordinating the knowledge transfer and exploitation of IRTIC research, as well as of assessing and putting in place industrial partnerships for the on-going projects.

  • Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is a permanent committee in charge of ensuring the definition of the ethical principles of IRTIC and their implementation in each research programme.
The Ethics Committee is currently formed by IRTIC founder members.

IRTIC is advised by several experts: