Research axes

IRTIC focuses its efforts on five cross-disciplinary research axes:

  • Acquisition and visualization of intra-body images : miniaturization of tools to acquire and transmit intra-body images (augmented reality and 3D depiction, such as endoscopy, wireless encapsulated video-camera)
  • Surgical equipment : endoscopic surgical instruments, computer-assisted medical interventions (CAMI), remote handling, surgical navigation and robotic surgery
  • Alternative techniques to surgery for tumour ablation : new non-ionizing percutaneous and transvascular techniques for tumour destruction guided by real time imaging: development of high-intensity ultrasound treatments, phototherapy, selective enzymatic activation
  • Multi-disciplinary, minimally invasive procedures : association of surgery, coelioscopy, endoscopy and interventional radiology for less invasive procedures that benefit from augmented reality
  • New methods of cancer detection : use of specific tumour markers, metabolic imaging and respiratory-gated image acquisition for correlation with the patient’s respiratory cycle
  • These cross-disciplinary research axes have been structured by the Scientific Committee in three major research programmes FUTUROP, DESTRUCTOND and THEREVAL.