The Bacchantes – edition 2014 – 28,000 euros collected in favour of IRTIC

This year, the Bacchantes running race has attracted 2800 participants. The profits of this race, amounting at 28,000 euros, have been donated to IRTIC and they contribute to funding our research work in urology – specifically on prostate cancer – in the framework of a research programme developed by Prof Nicolas THIOUNN at the Georges Pompidou Hospital of Paris

2014 IRTIC – Les Bacchantes award

Among its different research themes, the Research Institute in Interventional Techniques in Oncology (IRTIC) develops a research programme on surgical navigation that analyses and models the new constraints of minimally invasive surgery with the aim of improving the surgeon’s work. The movements performed during these interventions in video-transmission, mainly in coelioscopic surgery, are completely different from those of classical surgery, known as « open » surgery. The new organization of the surgical instruments and of the operating space requires the development of a better way of performing each act to optimize and to understand them individually, using the modelling tools of hard sciences, such as mathematics and physics. This knowledge will be used to teach these new techniques in a rational manner.

In order to perform realistic simulations of the different basic acts that surgeons perform daily, IRTIC asked the collaboration of Mr Thomas CARLIOZ, a young graduated of the Ecole Polytechnique (X 2009). His strong skills in mathematical modelling of transmitted movements allowed him to obtain exceptional results showing mathematically and on graphic animations what surgeons did already perceive intuitively, without nevertheless being able to completely explain it. The study «Mathematical modelling of the mechanic constraints of movement in coelioscopic surgery» brings invaluable insights into the knowledge of surgical practice. These results have been presented at conferences and at the university and have allowed the production of scientific articles that will be shortly submitted to surgery journals.

Due to the importance of the results for the surgical community, the study has been selected by IRTIC Scientific Committee who awarded to its author the 2014 IRTIC – Les Bacchantes prize, of a value of 2000€. This award has been given to Mr. Thomas CARLIOZ by Prof Franck ZINZINDOHOUE, IRTIC President, on Tuesday 11 November 2014 during the reward distribution for the Les Bacchantes running race, in the presence of the race organizing committee that has been supporting IRTIC research for many years.