Ergonomics of the coelio-endoscopy operating room

The ergonomics of optical transmission surgical instruments in the operating room (lighting, camera, camera optics, monitors) has not changed in the last 20 years. The miniaturization (mini-camera and LED), the wireless systems and the use of dual lens systems to return a 3D intra-body image (3D monitor with and without glasses) should allow enhancing the quality of perception of the intra-body image, improving the precision of the surgical actions, increasing the treatment safety and decreasing the equipment costs.

This approach is necessary to move away from the industrial monopoly on a technologically obsolete, limited offer. The expected result is the development and deployment of video-transmission equipment to the best current IT standards by including the augmented reality through the addition of images generated by anatomic and functional imaging.

Project leaders : Prof F. ZINZINDOHOUE, Prof C. CELLIER, Prof G. SAPOVAL, Prof N. THIOUNN

Equipment : Operating room with CBCP equipment, video surgery, video-endoscopy