Loco-regional intravascular chemotherapy

As the chemosensitivity of tumour cells is dose-dependent whereas healthy tissues are dose-limiting, the risk-efficacy balance is often not favourable.

Loco-regional vascular exclusion may allow treating isolated and perfused organs with higher doses of chemotherapeutic drugs. This dose intensification allows the infusion of chemotherapy in a limited volume that is then rinsed off at the end of the procedure, thus protecting the vulnerable tissues and limiting, as a consequence, the secondary effects. Hence, the treatment efficacy is increased, while limiting its toxicity. Moreover, new drugs which are too toxic for systemic administration could also be used. This approach also allows determining the tolerance and studying specifically the effect of temperature variations, of ischemia-reperfusion and of different doses and types of chemotherapy (mono-treatment or associations) on the target organs harbouring the tumour.

Project leaders : Prof F. ZINZINDOHOUE, Prof M. SAPOVAL, Prof S. OUDARD

Equipment : Operating room with CBCP, video-endoscopic surgery; cardio-pulmonary extracorporeal circuit