Targeted intravascular navigation in real time

Intra-arterial cancer treatments have a strong development potential for tumour treatment.  These are targeted, personalized and minimally invasive treatments. They use the trans-arterial entry route for loco-regional chemotherapies, embolization and injection of targeting agents.

Starting from a state-of-the-art imaging platform, this research project aims at optimizing these procedures through the precise guidance, in real time, of endovascular probes:
1 – by adjusting the therapeutic image on the 3D segmented vascular images acquired during the preliminary diagnostic imaging procedure,
2 – by using « intelligent » probes that can be remote controlled and that can thus follow pre-defined trajectories learnt in advance using 3D models based on the diagnostic images.

Project leader : Prof M. SAPOVAL

Equipment: wide-field Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT); Remote handling: Remote controlled probes – Real time image registration software.